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Addity is a research-based Math teaching method to boost learning and academic excellence among K-6 students - an INTEGRATED program with in-home lessons and online practice leads to amazing results. We help children build a solid math foundation and develop critical-thinking skills. Our highly trained and dedicated teachers work one-on-one with their students to make Math challenges fun and exciting. Together, we are "Making Canada Smarter, one child at a time."


Unique Math Curriculum

Promotes Critical Thining

Our core curriculum helps students build a strong Math foundation going above and beyond what is taught in most schools



Certified Teachers

Effective Pedagogy

Our teachers are trained and certifed to help every student reach their full learning potential. 



Individualized Learning

Directed One-on-one Instruction 

Working in small groups gives students a chance to practice their higher-order thinking skills that our teachers love to teach



Love of Learning 

Use-Math Environment

With Real life learning scenarios, we instill in your children a lifelong love to learn and set them up to succeed








Become a teacher

Train and Teach with Addity to set up a world class math learning program in your living room or at a community centre near you! Addity provides training and certification, teaching materials, support in finding students and a fulfilling career as a Teacher! Together, we can build a Smarter Canada, one child at a time..

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Would you like to instill in your children a lifelong love to learn? Set them up to succeed? Equip them to realize their full potential..Explore the learning at Addity. Enroll in a summer camp, workshop or attend one of our after-school sessions to promote Critical Thinking in your child.

Learn how to think not what to think