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Addity is founded on proven practices of motivating learning in a structured manner.


To provide an inclusive, rich and dynamic learning environment to nourish and support critical thinking and bring out every child's true potential.

To promote higher-order thinking skills in problem solving.

To develop a love for learning by covering both the breadth and depth of lessons taught.


  • Create more opportunities for structured inquiry-based learning e.g. learning journeys, math magic
  • Improve the quality of current day instruction
  • Enhance the quality of teacher-student interaction
  • Use open-ended and probing questions to stimulate thinking
  • Encourage collaboration through cooperative learning strategies
  • Focuse on the use of quality resources and practices
  • Designe authentic activities and assessment tasks
  • Reduce learning anxiety
  • Provide regular and meaningful feedback
  • Invest in research that improves the effectiveness of our Additive approach.



A passionate advocate for the importance of Math and Science education in driving innovation, Preeti fuels learning enrichment for all kids at Addity in her role as Managing Director. An accomplished professional with over 15 years of experience spanning consulting, teaching and training, she is also the academic advisor to the advanced Math program at Charan's Public School which focusses on developing interest and excellence in Math and critical thinking.
Preeti has served on several IEEE, EIC and ACM Conference Organizing Committees across Canada. She has also served as the Section Chair of IEEE Women in Engineering, the largest international professional organization dedicated to promoting women engineers and scientists. She has organized various educational outreach programs with local high schools in order to create a positive image of engineering careers. Preeti is invited to speak at various events and conferences on a regular basis.
Preeti received her Bachelors in Engineering from Bangalore University in 2000, her Masters in Computer Science from Carleton University in 2008 and subsequently pursued her PhD in Computer Security and biomimetic learning there.


Addity is founded on proven practices of motivating learning in a structured manner. The current education system sadly does not challenge our kids appropriately and keep them interested in learning. If the work is too hard, children will give up because of stress. If it is too easy, children will give up because of boredom. Our program is designed to keep children in their individual optimal learning zone, the Lev Vygotsky "zone of proximal development."

The Addity model has been used in schools in other parts of the world with much success and we hope to bring it to our kids in Canada.

About Addity

Would you like to instill in your children a lifelong love to learn? Set them up to succeed? Equip them to realize their full potential..Explore the learning at Addity. Enroll in a summer camp, workshop or attend one of our after-school sessions to promote Critical Thinking in your child.

Learn how to think not what to think