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I do what I love working from home

The Addity affiliation is so affordable, the support fantastic.

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Math is my kids’ favorite subject!

Dec 21,16by Addity

“Addity has provided my children with a safe environment that has truly made learning fun and exciting. ”

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Addity is unique

What makes Addity stand out from the other programs is our focus on teaching to the individual student. We teach …

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Why we like Addity..

Oct 21,16by Addity

“Addity shows how Math applies to the real world and how it makes sense to learn Math.”

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I love teaching at Addity

“The Addity method builds strong Math and Critical Thinking skills ”

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Why my girls do Addity?

Oct 10,16by Addity

“I know how important STEM is and wanted my girls to not have a fear of Math and more importantly …

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About Addity

Would you like to instill in your children a lifelong love to learn? Set them up to succeed? Equip them to realize their full potential..Explore the learning at Addity. Enroll in a summer camp, workshop or attend one of our after-school sessions to promote Critical Thinking in your child.

Learn how to think not what to think