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The Lab

At Addity's Programming lab, we enable students with the tools to augment their critical thinking skills along with computational thinking. Every workshop engages students with programming projects based on their interests. Students will learn how to leverage computational thinking to design algorithms and solve various problems while being introduced to many concepts in Computer science and technology. One of the exciting things about learning Computer science is that you learn a new and fundamental way of thinking and problem solving; a way of thinking that is critical to our connected world. The learning at our lab encompasses a wide range of programming concepts and languages.

Lessons build upon one another, and we adjust starting points to each student’s level of expertise; as a result, the entire curriculum is customized. Students stay engaged while learning to blend creativity with technology.

Students will work with industry-standard hardware and software, complete a final project, create an online portfolio, and bring their new tech knowledge into the real world.

Workshop Packs

Workshop Packs allow you to pre-pay and drop in to any weekly 90 minute class. ​

Confirm up to 2 hours before the class if there are open spots available. ​

Select from 5 or 10 class packs ​5 class pack: $250 10 class pack: $500

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  • Promotes Critical Thinking
  • Provides hands-on learning
  • Qualified and Trained teachers
  • Individualized curriculum
  • Builds confidence
  • Inspiring projects
  • Grows perseverance
  • Convenient online scheduling

About Addity

Would you like to instill in your children a lifelong love to learn? Set them up to succeed? Equip them to realize their full potential..Explore the learning at Addity. Enroll in a summer camp, workshop or attend one of our after-school sessions to promote Critical Thinking in your child.

Learn how to think not what to think